Engage Visitors by Exposing Product Trends

“Figuring out what the next big trend is tells us what we should focus on.”

mark zuckerberg

According to econsultancy, there’s a shift in how businesses communicate with their customers.  Instead of the traditional mass marketing mentality where a business markets the same to all its customers (“one-to-many”), businesses need to find creative ways to engage their customers and prospects, individually (“many-to-many”).  One way to do that is to expose different trends happening on your website or with your products.

Visitors want to be engaged on your website in a similar fashion that they are engaged in their real life.  With the allure of social media these days, trending ideas, products, news, videos, headlines, reviews, feelings …you name it, we, as a society, are obsessed with trends.  Trends are so relevant in today’s society that the use of #hashtags was initially created by Twitter as a way to “group” features to improve “contextualization, content filter, and exploratory serendipity.”  In other words, group similar trending topics.

The challenge with exposing trends is that by the very definition of trend ( “a general movement”), it is dynamic, not static.  That means trends are ever-changing, even if ever so slightly.  Exposing trends on your website will require the ability to allow for fluid content, fluid reviews, fluid recommendations, fluid interactions – all based on user actions. 

Trending Products

Exposing trends on your website is just another tool to keep your visitors engaged, encouraging them to dig deeper into content, products, and reviews to ultimately convert that visitor into a sale, subscriber, or social sharer.   Here are some creative ways to expose trends on your website:

  • Add a trending wall to your website.
    • Add a website page that captures trending products, content, and reviews about your company and products, to further engage your visitors.
  • Use Recommendations:  People who bought ‘X’ also bought ‘Y.’
    • Recommendations are a great way to expose the trends of what other customers purchased, read, or shared based on interactions and historical information of their journey on your website.
  • Deliver personalized and responsive experiences.
    • B2B Marketing Zone predicts that in 2020, successful “marketing trends will have one major thing in common: They’re based upon convenience and personalization” of your target market audience. 

Experiment with exposing trends on your website and see how the wisdom of the crowd can positively impact user engagement.

Debbie wears multiple hats at SiteVibes, including writing and researching awesome topics to share with customers, partners and just general site visitors. When she isn't doing day-to-day SiteVibes work, Debbie enjoys volunteering with nonprofit organizations, digging into a new book, and going for walks.