SiteVibes Shoppable UGC

Shoppable UGC platform

Curate customer photos and videos from Instagram and make them shoppable on your site through social galleries, social sliders, or directly on Product Detail Pages.


Easily curate,
social media content

Curate engaging content from social media channels to display on your site. 

  • Your brands posts
  • Tagged photos
  • Mentioned photos
  • Specific Hashtags
  • User uploaded content

Dynamically display UGC content

Understand customer behavior, campaign effectiveness, empowering data-driven decisions

  • Brand strategy
  • Content creation
  • PPC advertising
  • Data analytics
  • Website design
  • Event marketing

Measure UGC performance

Easily measure the success of your UGC content strategy. Discover which images do the most for you.

  • UGC analytics
  • Engagement scores
  • Influencer performance

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