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Our ecommerce email marketing product uses first-party data, loyalty status, and more to create smarter impactful campaigns. Deliver standout emails that capture attention and drive revenue growth.

Lists & Segments

Target better with,
advanced profiles

SiteVibes creates advanced user profiles making it easier to target and message to the right customers at the right time. 

A full view of each customer including their loyalty status, their site activity, if they've ever left a review and much more. 

Create advanced customer segments based off customer profile properties. 

Create unlimited lists to assign customers too. 


Automated email flows & campaigns

Create advanced automated email flows that trigger messages at the right time to the right customers. 

Use custom events to trigger automated emails. For example, remind customers when they've left items in their cart or didn't complete checkout. 

Don't just send an email, send the right email to the right audience with customized email campaigns. 

Use predictability models to incentive a shopper at the right time. 


Informed decisions
driven by analytics

Take the guessing out of which emails and which audience are the best with our advanced analytics. 

  • Campaign stats
  • Conversion analytics
  • Customer insights
  • A/B Testing

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