COVID Trends by Generation [Infographic]


As Millennials become the largest living adult generation, it may be time to revisit your generational marketing plan and see how trends from COVID have changed each generation’s mindset. These trends will change as restrictions related to COVID ease and as the development of a vaccine becomes more imminent. 

At every major event or crisis in history, come changes to better serve our audience based on lessons learned.  Some ‘in the moment’ predictions, however, may not hold true as time passes beyond the crisis.  For example, post 9/11 predictions said consumers would become more stay-at-home.  In reality, their habits did not change from pre 9/11. 

The Infographic includes statistics as of April, 2020.  Surprisingly 38 % of the younger GenZ Generation deferred purchasing Apparel, while only 20% of the older Baby Boomer Generation deferred those same purchases.  Across all generations, those surveyed are taking 26-40% fewer shopping trips., while only 10-32% are cutting back on ‘small luxuries’ like high-end cosmetics and trips to coffee shops.


COVID Trends by Generation - Infographic
COVID Trends by Generation – Infographic

What This Means For You

By understanding the changing shopping trends by generation along with the general shopping perception by generation, you are better able to attract and engage visitors of every age. 


In closing, marketing efforts should be fluid and changing, as the consumers mind changes throughout the process of recovering from the pandemic.  By evaluating trends on a regular basis, you are able to best meet your audiences needs.

How SiteVibes is Helping

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