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Founded in 2014, The Good Chocolate makes delicious chocolate without sugar for people leading a healthy lifestyle who don’t want to give up the freedom to indulge. Their zero sugar chocolate is handmade, bean to bar, with 100% organic ingredients. It’s just as sweet as regular chocolate, a little creamier, but has 45% fewer calories – and 2 net carbs per Dark bar.

As The Good Chocolate grew, they were  seeking a solution to centralize their operations and elevate customer experiences through Customer Loyalty Platform, Product Review’s and Social Engagement. 


Operating in a competitive confectionery market, The Good Chocolate understood the importance of optimizing their business processes to stay ahead of the curve. However, their previous technology landscape consisted of disjointed systems that lacked automation and artificial intelligence capabilities. This fragmented setup made it difficult to manage operations effectively, resulting in suboptimal customer engagement and limited growth opportunities.

  • Disjointed technologies: The Good Chocolate struggled with multiple disparate technologies that lacked integration, making it challenging to consolidate data and streamline operations efficiently.
  • Limited automation: The absence of automation in their existing systems led to manual and time-consuming tasks, hampering productivity and inhibiting the ability to scale.
  • Inefficient management: The complexity of managing various technologies compounded the challenges, creating bottlenecks and hindering effective decision-making.
  • Subpar customer engagement: The disjointed technology stack resulted in a fragmented customer experience, making it difficult to engage customers effectively and encourage repeat purchases.
"The combination of reviews and loyalty, plus social content make SiteVibes a very compelling ecommerce offering for us."
Ben Glass
Co-Founder & CEO​


Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, The Good Chocolate partnered with SiteVibes to implement an integrated Customer Loyalty Platform and Product Review Platform. Leveraging the power of automation and artificial intelligence, SiteVibes aimed to centralize operations, enhance customer engagement, and optimize the overall customer experience.


  • Conversion rate increase: Within the first three months of implementing SiteVibes, The Good Chocolate witnessed a remarkable increase in their conversion rate, soaring an impressive 100%. This significant improvement highlights the impact of the platform’s features on driving purchase intent and encouraging customer loyalty.
  • Average Order Value (AOV) growth: The implementation of SiteVibes facilitated an increase in The Good Chocolate’s AOV by an additional $2. This rise in AOV represents a tangible boost to the company’s revenue, as customers were enticed to explore and purchase a wider range of products.
  • Reduced bounce rate and improved engagement: With the integration of SiteVibes, The Good Chocolate experienced a 30% decrease in their bounce rate. Additionally, the average number of pages per session increased from 5.3 to 6, and the average session duration extended from 1:37 to 2:00. These statistics demonstrate the enhanced user experience and improved engagement resulting from SiteVibes’ seamless integration.
  • Amplified customer feedback and social proof: By implementing the Product Review Platform, The Good Chocolate succeeded in creating a thriving ecosystem of customer feedback and social proof. Customers were encouraged to share their experiences and provide valuable reviews, thereby building trust, enhancing credibility, and influencing potential buyers’ purchasing decisions.


By replacing their disjointed technologies with the integrated Customer Loyalty and Product Review Platform, The Good Chocolate successfully streamlined their operations, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer engagement. The consolidation of disparate systems into SiteVibes provided the necessary automation and artificial intelligence capabilities, enabling The Good Chocolate to manage their operations more effectively.

The Good Chocolate’s adoption of SiteVibes resulted in increased operational efficiency, seamless customer experiences, and amplified customer engagement. By leveraging the power of automation, artificial intelligence, and centralized data management, The Good Chocolate overcame their previous technology challenges, positioning themselves for sustained growth in the competitive confectionery industry.

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