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Borsheims Switches to SiteVibes for Streamlined Review Collection and Flexible UGC Features



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Borsheims, established in 1870, is a luxury jewelry retailer known for its collection of fine jewelry, timepieces, and gifts. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Borsheims has a reputation for excellence, serving clients worldwide with craftsmanship and customer service. As one of the largest independent jewelry stores in the United States, Borsheims offers a wide selection of brands and exclusive pieces.

With a strong online presence and a focus on customer satisfaction, Borsheims wanted to improve its user-generated content (UGC) strategy by switching from Yotpo to SiteVibes.


Prior to partnering with SiteVibes, Borsheims faced several challenges with their previous review platform, Yotpo:

  • Limited customization options for review collection across multiple channels
  • Inflexible UGC features that didn’t align with Borsheims’ unique needs
  • Subpar customer service and support from Yotpo

These limitations affected Borsheims’ ability to collect and showcase customer reviews, impacting their online presence and customer engagement. 


Borsheims decided to switch from Yotpo to SiteVibes to better manage customer reviews and user-generated content (UGC). SiteVibes addressed the challenges Borsheims faced, such as limited customization options, complex integration processes, and inadequate support for scaling operations. With SiteVibes, Borsheims implemented an advanced Product Review and UGC platform, using automation and artificial intelligence to centralize their operations. This transition helped Borsheims enhance customer engagement and optimize the overall customer experience across their digital platform.


Since switching to SiteVibes, Borsheims has seen significant improvements in their UGC strategy:

  • Increased review collection: Borsheims is now collecting more reviews than ever before, thanks to SiteVibes’ user-friendly and customizable review collection process. The company is also excited to implement a simpler way to collect reviews from in-store customers in the near future.
  • Enhanced user experience: The flexible UGC features provided by SiteVibes have allowed Borsheims to create a more engaging and informative online experience for their customers, showcasing reviews and content in a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate format.
  • Improved administrative efficiency: SiteVibes’ intuitive admin interface and responsive customer service have made managing UGC a breeze for Borsheims’ team, saving time and effort while ensuring a smooth operation.


By switching from Yotpo to SiteVibes, Borsheims addressed their challenges in review collection and customer engagement. They leveraged advanced customization, UGC features, and responsive support to enhance their online reputation and improve the shopping experience across all touchpoints. With an increase in review acquisition, streamlined administration, and improved customer satisfaction, Borsheims is well-positioned for growth and success in the luxury jewelry market.

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