Today is an exciting day, not only for us but for our customers too.

After a lot of amazing feedback, planning, polishing old features to make them new, and adding new features to compliment the old, I am excited to introduce SiteVibes Product Discovery Platform version 2.0.

The “new” Product Discovery for e-commerce

In my short 8-year e-commerce tenor, it is very clear that customers, both B2B and B2C, care about providing an unparalleled shopping experience that is engaging, and ultimately converts shoppers to happy customers. However, new and exciting technologies to engage shoppers and help them discover new products seem to be few and far between.

With the launch of our new Product Discovery Platform, your e-commerce and merchandising team can engage shoppers with real-time product trends, shoppable user-generated content (UGC), and social proof messaging that will keep those shoppers on your site longer, and promote increased average order value when they become happy customers. Best of all, this experience can be implemented across your entire ecosystem, website, native mobile apps, and more.

What next?

Our team is always capturing customer feedback to improve the platform and extend its capabilities. Our customers inspired SiteVibes 2.0.

We work with e-commerce businesses of all types and sizes and would love to onboard new users to use SiteVibes 2.0. SiteVibes is implemented quickly (less than a day) and can be ready just in time for what seems like a busy 2020 online holiday shopping season. Plus, who knows, your feedback can be the next big thing we launch to improve the platform.

Schedule a demo with me here so we can talk about SiteVibes for your business :).