Your ecommerce marketing and retention technology, in one platform.

Unlock Seamless Customer Retention and Engagement with SiteVibes: Integrated Email, Reviews, Loyalty, Shoppable UGC, and Trends.

SiteVibes is trusted by leading Brands:

AI Product Reviews + Q&A

Build buyer trust and confidence with product reviews and questions & answers. With SiteVibes, you can collect authentic product reviews to help your brand stand out.

Collect authentic customer reviews anywhere with our frictionless in-mail technology

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers by collecting targeted feedback based on the product and category

Customizable landing page for collecting reviews and upselling products

Full Questions and Answers platform

Loyalty, Rewards, & Referrals

Turn buyers into repeat customers with a customizable Loyalty, Rewards and Referral program that is tailored to your Brand.

Custom Loyalty Tiers and Reward Types

Referral Programs

Integrate across all channels

Visual UGC

Curate and merchandise amazing content from your customers. Make user generated content (UGC) shoppable everywhere on your website by connecting your Instagram account.

Collect photos and videos from across social media. Use #hashtags, @mentions, or influencers to search automatically.

Shoppable Galleries. Merchandise posts with real user images to drive customer engagement

Create brand loyalty by automating the permission process for using customer photos and videos.

Social Proof Messaging

SiteVibes unlocks insights on a products popularity to help increase conversions. Engage shoppers by showing social proof on your product detail pages or category list pages with information about real-time product popularity among other shoppers.

Use a live view counter to show how many other shoppers are viewing the same product in real-time

Alert shoppers with how many times the product has purchased or added to a cart over a given time period

Automatic content curation based on catalog product trends

See SiteVibes in ecommerce retention platform in action.